It's a good analogy of life.

Craving → Wanting something strongly.

To see the world in a grain of sand.
The world exists within an expansive space.
We are smaller than a grain of sand, if you are in space.
It's our inner experiences which we call “life”.
We perceive the “outside” world from within ourselves.
Life is a projection of our inside.
If we find happiness inside ourselves, then everything we see makes us happy.

Experiences are like folds in paper.
It's not possible to undo the folds, but the paper is always there.
The image of positivity and negativity can be explained through the metaphor of the sun and the moon.
It requires a great deal of motivation to maintain positivity.

Likeminded people attract each other.
Life is like a juggling act.
If you drop something, it might cause death.

It's a good analogy of life.
It's tragic.